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Democrat Dick Schouten has proven he knows how to make our community a better place to set down roots, raise our children, grow small businesses and retire with dignity.

As a Washington County Commissioner, Dick Schouten has helped protect natural areas and keep our air and water clean, built new parks, improved transportation locally and has made it easier for working families to find affordable, quality childcare close to home.

Dick’s work has made a real difference to our families. But Dick knows that the biggest challenges facing Oregon—ensuring our kids have the best education, taking on climate change, expanding affordable housing options ,and pushing back against the Trump administration’s assault on our civil liberties—requires proven progressive leadership, fighting for what we care about most in Salem.

As our next State Senator, Dick Schouten will be the progressive leader we need.

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Important Community Contact and Links to Resources by Local Government in response to COVID-19.

As more and more local governments and nonprofits develop resources to help flatten the curve and assist our community in getting through the next couple months of COVID-19 I wanted to be sure you had as many resources at your fingertips as possible. If you have more questions or recommendations about additional resources you think our community should know about please feel free to email my team at friendsofdickschouten@gmail.com


For a full list of resources click here.