Important Community Contact and Links to Resources by Local Government in response to COVID-19. 

As more and more local governments and nonprofits develop resources to help flatten the curve and assist our community in getting through the next couple months of COVID-19 I wanted to be sure you had as many resources at your fingertips as possible. If you have more questions or recommendations about additional resources you think our community should know about please feel free to email my team at

Beaverton School District:

Hillsboro School District:

Tualatin Hills Park & Rec District:

Tualatin Valley Water District:

Raleigh Water District:

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue:

City of Hillsboro:

City of Beaverton:

City of Portland:

Washington County:

Multnomah County:

Oregon Health Authority:

State of Oregon Resources:

Center for Disease Control (CDC):